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Hi, my name is
Tao Schirrmacher.

I’m a surfer, designer
and co-founder of

I work as an independent
industrial designer
as part of Studio ABIGOR.

You want an unique
design experience?

Let’s talk!

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Work Samples

Bike To The Future

Bike to the future was a project without limits… the main intention was to install some kind of magnetic jet propulsion and also show this by creating a futuristic formal language for the mounting parts.


The main concept behind was to start the design process with a total different approach - a thick brush to block the main proportions The intermediate result was a interesting mix of concept and real car… but to accomplish the projects expectations i broke down the paintings to a more realistic car.

Sex Wax

A Students project by Johannes and Berny that even impressed Mr. Zog himself. Filmed by Dieter Deventer, a well known advertisement filmer, the quality was significant so it was all filmed on 16mm.

The Chosen – FUS Crew

THE Video project of the year. After taking notice a video contest was going on we the FUS crew decided to participate and show what munich has to give… After all we won the contest put 40000$ in our pockets and went home!


The ambition was to give a high priced backpack with a life saving task a design that reflects it`s capability. Rid all useless parts, make the whole backpack more stable by using EVA molds and create a attracting inside.

Jetski Camera Concept

A concept that was requested by well known big wave legend sebatian steudner to film with the new red epic.


B Accessories was founded to deliver high quality products for a reasonable price and create some surfing products especially for river surfing.

Underwater Scooter

The underwater scooter was my diploma project. My target was to acquire a new but well working underwater scooter with a different formal language. I tried to evaluate all possibilities according to handling and design. The final product is a scooter with a total different concept but a classic ambit.

Quiksilver Leash

Quiksilvers new Leash was a self initiated project, i tried to distinguish the classic leashes. Every kind of Leash should have it`s own formal language. A small wave leash should feature fine detailed design in which a big wave leash should communicate it`s ability to hold some strength.


A project that was developing over 1 month. We had freezing -20° for more than a month the river was close to freeze and there have been great ice sheets growing every day… The result of harvesting ice and setting it up was really impressing… it all fell down within one warm day_fast fading art!
Lost N Drowned







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contact information

Let’s get social! Please feel free to add me on the social networks of your choice. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any additional questions or requests.

mail address: mail@taoschirrmacher.com

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